So you’ve approved the final version of your video, now it’s time to get it out to as wide an audience as possible. The way to attract the biggest audience is to use the most popular video streaming service, YouTube.

With over 450 million unique monthly visits worldwide to YouTube there’s a huge potential market out there. However, your video is just one of a hundred hours of video upload every minute. How will your audience find you?

The ranking of your video on YouTube is based upon an algorithm that ranks factors such as:

  • Title tag information
  • Audience retention
  • Keywords in description tag
  • Tags
  • Video length
  • Number of subscribers after watching
  • Comments
  • Likes and dislikes

So what information do you need to associate with your video to boost its rankings?

1. Video Title

YouTube is clever, but still not clever enough to be able to watch your video and work out what it’s about, so you need to tell it. The most important way to help your audience find your video is to give it a nice long, keyword rich title. Think about what your audience looking for. What questions does your video answer? Does it give any advice? What is your video about?

2. Description

The first line of your description should be your full URL for the website. This way if someone comes across your video from a YouTube search, there’s a link back to your site right below the video player. After that add in a description of the contents of your video.

3. Tags

Adding in lots of tag words for another good way to get key terms associated with your video.

4. Incoming Links

If your video is offering useful information then online communities such as LinkedIn Groups are fantastic places from which to funnel traffic. Because the number and quality of your video views is one of the most important YouTube ranking factors, getting views from targeted communities really works. So find a question in a community that your video could help answer. Provide some value and a helpful link back to your video on YouTube.

5. Encourage subscription and Linking

If people let YouTube know that they like your video, by subscribing or liking your video, this sends an important user experience signal to YouTube. When you put any link to your YouTube channel you can add “?sub_confirmation=1” just after your channel ID. This will enable your visitors automatically subscribe to your channel.

6. How to stop related videos playing when your video ends

The related videos that YouTube selects to play at the end of your video may feature your competitors.  So if you’d like to turn this feature off, add the following code: ?rel=0 code  to your embed link as follows:

iframe src=” code)?rel=0″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”

Once you’ve spent time and money on your video you need to maximise the return on your investment. These straight forward steps will help your audience find your video and understand more about your company and what you offer.

Jo Jun 16th, 2016

About Jo Haywood

Jo is the Managing Director at Skylark Media. Before starting Skylark in 2005, Jo ran the BBC Lifestyle website and prior to that directed science documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4. To switch off she can be found on the tennis court, at yoga, or planting trees in the forest garden.