What if you could build your relationship with your best customer whilst getting a video testimonial for half price!

A number of our clients are reaping rewards by collaborating with their clients for video production.

Example 1:

Randalls Office Furniture wanted a testimonial video from Oak Tree Mobility about their stunning new office furniture. Oak Tree needed a recruitment film to find staff for their new desks. Enter Skylark Media. We filmed for a day to gather footage for both films then produced two separate edits aimed at our clients’ different audiences. For the final edit we included some unique shots and some shots in common. And the real cost saving for our clients is half price for the filming day.

Example 2:

Chronologic install time and attendance systems and had just completed a job at Thatchers Cider’s new Jubilee Building.  Brunel Security had put in the security systems for the building. Thatchers agreed to do a video testimonial for both companies. Once again Skylark Media worked with all three companies and filmed two testimonial videos in one day. Saving money for our clients and saving time for Thatchers Cider – so they could get on with more important things…

So if you’d like a testimonial video about your latest achievement and you have a customer who might want a promotional film then it’s time to give us a call.