Helicopter Filming over Exmoor

Well we’re back from our week filming the wonders of Exmoor National Park. The film will be shown at Exmoor’s new pavilion in Lynmouth, opening in Spring 2013. It’s to be an immersive experience, where the audience is ‘flown through’ the landscape, appreciating the sounds, animals and history as they go.

The weather during the shoot was variable, however through the excellent organisation of producer, Rebecca Bangay, we had long enough at each of our amazing locations to catch the shafts of sunlight when they fell. From Watersmeet to Dunkery Beacon we explored Exmoor from the macro to the micro. Our on the ground cameraman was BBC Natural History expert, Richard Jones. Although normally waiting for big cats on the African plains, he flexed his camera at dippers, red deer and slugs (not too hard to find this year!). Our drone cam operator was Phil Dalton, who picked up some amazing shots, flying up trees, under bridges and over waterfalls. Castle Air took on the job of getting the helicopter aerials. I’m pleased to say that we stretched the budget to a cineflex camera and got some beautifully steady tracking shots across the cliffs and valleys.

We’re now into the edit and choosing just the best 10 minutes from the hours of footage! Then, once this is signed off by our clients at Exmoor National Park the work will begin on CGI animations of iron age settlements and bronze age processions. Then the composer will work her magic on the music score. Come back in about a month and I’ll let you know how we’re getting on. Until then, it’s back to the edit suite for me. Jo Haywood, Executive Producer

Running this shoot was very much back to my days as a BBC documentary producer/director. We pulled out all the stops to make this a truly epic experience of Exmoor’s hidden wonders.

  • 5 x cameras
  • 3 x cameramen
  • 2 x helicopters (one remote controlled)
  • 22 x locations
  • 6 x extras