There is a history of overpromising and under delivering on anything from drinks to jeans. As a result, the world of video advertising has had a bit of a rocky history. But in the last ten years, there’s been a rise in a different form of advertising. This perfectly reflects a more open culture of promotion and simplification of campaigns. Smoothie brand, Innocent, was one of the forerunners of this trend.

Honest advertisement

More and more brands and businesses have realised that promising the earth isn’t the way to sell their products. Plus, if you’re looking to target a millennial market, that transparency and honesty in your advertising is valued above all else. Allowing your product to sell itself is the newer – and cheaper – way to promote your product, and it’s incredibly successful.

A different tone

From Dove campaigns about ‘real women’ to Always’ now infamous #LikeAGirl campaign, advertising is less about selling an idealised self and more about self-love. This applies across the spectrum of video advertising. That rather than offering products that will make your life better, the new focus is on how a product can help you on your journey to being a better person. Increasingly, advertising is focused on real people and real scenarios. As well as inspiring messages of self-belief, rather than a perfect version of who you can be.

Pure and simple

From packaging to product advertising, simplicity is the name of the game for the promotion of future products. This is another trend that the iconic Innocent bottles follow. Two scribbled circles and a couple of dots are all they needed to create an instantly recognisable brand. A brand that instantly evokes the nostalgia of childhood doodles and, well, innocence.With other brands jumping onto the pure advertising bandwagon, it’s certainly a successful strategy when it comes to getting across what your product does in as simple terms as possible. Instead of adopting the 90’s model of featuring every single thing your product can do focus on the key message your product, no words needed.

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Image credit: Innocent smoothies by hazelnicholson licensed under Creative commons 4

Jo Jan 31st, 2018

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