So you’ve done the creative bit, now it’s time to make your video go viral! Here are some ways you can get your video seen by thousands of people all over the world.

Just remember that for a video to go viral you need to make it ‘STICK’

  1. SHAREABLE:  You want others to want to share your video because it appeals to them so much that they want to share it with their contacts.  To get this going, ask friends, family, coworkers, other businesses to share your video. One tweet from a friend with the link to your website will expand the base of people that see your video and it only takes a second.
  2. TITLE: help people to find your video by making the title something they will search for. Start with a phrase such as ‘How do I assemble a chair’ or ‘Customer service training video‘  (this is an example of a video we made for supermarket retailer, Budgens).  Then add the name of your company or product. Make sure your video title is something easy to search for and that it is clear what your video will include.
  3. IMAGE:  If you are trying to promote your company or product you need people to look at your video and want to watch it straight away. This means you need a bold, clear thumbnail image that people will be intrigued by.
  4. CONCISE: Following on from my last point, it is crucial that your video is not too long, especially for an introductory or start up video. If people see that your video is 10 minutes long they could instantly be put off. Keep your video short and straight to the point.
  5. KEEP CONNECTED: No one will know about your amazing new video if you haven’t told anyone. Use social media to your advantage by sharing your video on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Remember to use hashtags so people can find your video easily. Another tip is to post to sites that your target audience regularly use. For example, if you are aiming for teenagers or young adults, use apps like Vine and Instagram as this is where they are most active.  Have a look at the Vines we made for frozen food supplier, Field Fare.

Hopefully following these tips will get your video to go viral. If you’d like some help with an inspiring creative that will get your audience sharing, please get in touch.