If you want your audience to feel loved then make them an animation.  It’s such a powerful and appealing way of delivering your message.

The 2d animated stick man was for a manufacturing company who wanted a video to promote their fibretech steel reinforcement technology.  We started with a story-board then sent the client examples of the character style.  Once we’d decided upon the black and white stick man we began on the animation.  The final video promotes UK and global sales.

An example of 3d motion graphics.  This video is used as a tool by a regional sales force to show customers the many options of stair lift: colour, seat shape, controls etc.  Using 3d graphics allows you to clearly show the features and benefits of your product in a controllable space, animated text on screen helps boost your sales message and any call to action.

People love watching others draw and the whiteboard doodle captures that excitement.  The example on this page was used to introduce new working practices to staff from a national health care company.