Have you seen the latest Lynx ad?

Here we share our thoughts on this latest campaign. Where Lynx have taken a magnifying glass to the psyche of the young adult male. Following in the footsteps of empowering advertising campaigns. From the likes of female-centric brands Dove and Always. ‘Is it ok for guys’ marks a more emotional focus for the company behind last year’s fun ‘Find Your Magic’ offering.

Teaming up with Promundo, an organisation that works with men and boys to promote gender equality and prevent violence, Lynx conducted research into the concept of ‘masculinity.’ The results showed that 51% of men believe they need to ‘act tough’, whilst more than half of men have suicidal thoughts. This is a pretty staggering revelation about a target demographic that is generally considered to be comfortable in their own skin. For a brand that has typically used scantily clad women to market their range of deodorants with the tag ‘the Lynx effect’, something clearly had to change. And going from fallen angels to a gay kiss in the space of three years, change they have.

The overall objective of Lynx’s minute-long video is to demonstrate how, in a modern, educated society, tolerance should be the champion. As we know, intolerance is everywhere, and young men find themselves caught in its horns as much as anyone. And despite the fact that suicide is the leading cause of death in 20-34 year men, no one’s talking about it. Well, now Lynx, one of the world’s most popular brands for young men, is meeting the bull head on.

Over the course of a fast-cut montage made up of multiple male POVs (points of view), ‘Is it ok for guys’ poses no fewer than 13 questions entered into Google searches by men. Is it ok for guys to be skinny? Ok to be a virgin? What about being depressed? The campaign isn’t attempting to answer these questions. We get to do that for ourselves. In a series of accompanying YouTube videos celebrities such as Josh Franceschi offer their own thoughts, opening up discussion in the comments below. It’s a small stroke of genius for Lynx to recognise the need for dialogue, rather than simply preaching their message of acceptance. And whilst they engage their audience in a two-way communication they’re ensuring their brand is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

The video fades out with a fourteenth and final question: “Is it ok for guys to be themselves?” Of course it is. Rik Strubel, Lynx global vice president says: “We want to tell guys that there’s no rules around how they should look, act or feel – they should be open and proud to be themselves.”

The last few years have seen a series of brands take giant steps in the direction of ‘activist advertising.’ It’s a bold move for any business. But Lynx has asked some worthwhile, relevant questions, and with over 2 million views garnered in the space of a month their audience clearly relishes the opportunity to answer.

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Image credit: The “Lynx” Effect by Josh Swannack licensed under Creative commons 5

Jo Jul 4th, 2017

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