Video platforms like YouTube are becoming an integral part of the public’s viewing habits, with the site gaining almost 5 billion views and 30 million visitors every day. Since the option to skip YouTube ads has been implemented, the company has admitted that only 30% of YouTube users watch the ads to the end. That’s a staggering 70% of potential customers lost. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our top three watchable YouTube ads, so you can learn the best techniques to keep viewers engaged.

  1. Skip This Ad

Ever heard of reverse psychology? Did you know it actually works? Well, this video is proof. This clever, 15 second advert from the food delivery app Eat 24 directly tells its customers to skip, and 91% of viewers choose not to. Funny how the human brain works, isn’t it?

  1. Skip This Behaviour

Here’s another ad which plays with the viewers’ expectations in a way that is both surprising and entertaining. The advert from eco-friendly company Sodimac and La Casa Eco encourages viewers to skip a negative behaviour in their life as opposed to skipping an ad. By addressing the first thought that comes into the viewer’s head (skip) when an ad pops up, and challenging its viewers to think, they manage to stop people in their tracks.

  1. Official Love Mondays Campaign 2013: Cute Kittens

This ad from job site Reed does a whole host of different things at once. The video begins with cute cats, beloved by all on the internet. As if that weren’t enough to grab people’s attention, the advert then directly addresses the audience with a man who smashes through the screen and tells them they’re watching YouTube because they’re dissatisfied with their jobs. Getting an audience to laugh and identify with your message is a great way to stop them from hitting the skip button.

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Image credit: YouTube logo by Rego – licensed under Creative commons 5

Jo Jan 10th, 2018

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