Just like popular social media channels, YouTube has become an essential tool for modern businesses looking to grow their brand. With roughly a billion active users a month, this is one platform you simply can’t afford to overlook! Here, we’ll go through a few simple tips for making the most of your business’s YouTube content.

Aim to entertain, not to advertise

If you’re looking to advertise using YouTube, you can do this through Google’s AdWords platform, and have your ads played to your target market’s main demographics. However, when you’re actually uploading content to your business’s YouTube channel, you should always put entertainment before promotion. A video that’s fun or interesting will always get more shares than any kind of traditional advertising. You’re already putting a lot of work into getting people to find your business on YouTube, so don’t drive them away with obvious, unapologetic ads!

Optimise video descriptions

Your video descriptions aren’t just for your company profile and a link to a landing page. You should also be using it for optimised copy that will help your rankings. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, and just like your business’s blog posts, you need to be carrying out relevant keyword research and getting clued up on the other SEO nuances that are tied specifically to YouTube. Include some primary keywords in the first sentence, but avoid any spam or oversaturation, and be sure to set up some high-quality backlinks. Some good words to include in the title are: New, Official, How To, DIY, Reviews, Case Study, Free, Tutorial

Transcripts and Annotations

Uploading a transcript of the dialogue of your video will make it searchable by Google. You save this as a ‘Transcript’.  And for a strong call to action, you can add time specific annotations to your video.

Consider collaboration

Cross-promotion can be an excellent way to get your YouTube presence off the ground, especially for small businesses. It’s not always easy to find other accounts that fit in neatly with your niche, but YouTube is a massive platform, and persistence usually pays off. Find other channels, not necessarily commercial ones, to join forces with. Draft some kind of cross-promotion strategy and terms with the other person or business, and move forward sharing each other’s content on your social media platforms. For smaller businesses, it can help to plan out a cross-promotion strategy you know you can manage in advance, before reaching out to any influencers and discussing collaboration.

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Jo Sep 5th, 2017

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