If you want to know more about motion graphics, we’ve answered some of the FAQs below…

What’s the difference between motion graphics and animation?

Motion graphics involves everything used on screen that isn’t video. Such as logos, text, special effects, use of photographs and the integration of animated sequences.

Animation is more detailed and involves the creation of moving characters, illustration and 3d imagery. Animation generally has more personality whilst motion graphics is better for keeping to brand identity and conveying information.

Which takes the longest and why?

Animation takes longest as it’s a completely bespoke product. Every detail needs to be designed by hand. So, an animation allows you to create a campaign that is instantly recognisable and unique, in much the same way as hiring an expensive actor for your campaign.

Motion graphics is quicker because we can use elements that already exist, such as your company branding and fonts, information as text and even incorporate video clips. Small elements of animation can also be incorporated to great effect.

How easy is it to get a personalised character for my business?

An original character can be created for you in a matter of days and once this is done, the character is ready to be animated. Generally, simpler characters look better and convey emotion and message better. We can advise you on a style of character that will animate well and be easily read by the audience.

How do you move text on screen?

Text can be incorporated into video in a realistic or a graphic way. It can also be used on it’s own using rhythm, movement, timing and even humour to convey messages. It is best not to rely on text completely and we suggest the use of some imagery with the text to help tell your story.

What about the use of archive, how does that work?

Your archive material can be brought into a new light by combining it with graphics. Consider the use of an old archive photo in a new print publication. The old photo doesn’t look as dated as it would on it’s own and that’s what we can achieve with video.

Can you animate my logo?

Yes, You can choose to have a simple movement of the various elements of your logo or a rich resolve that extends the symbolism and meaning contained within.

Can you do 3D?>

Yes we can, it looks much more impressive, but takes longer so costs more to make.

Will you use my company font and color scheme?

Company branding can be used exactly as intended and we always ask for a styleguide where available. If not we can base the graphics on your previous publications.

How is the work planned out?

Usually the process starts with a script being written and signed off. Then imagery such as character design and graphical elements are prepared and sent to you for approval. Once these are adjusted, a storyboard is drawn up that shows all the scenes and imagery in the final production. We then ask for a final sign-off of this document. It is important that we are agreed at this stage as large changes made after this point can take a lot of time. Once we are all happy, we proceed with the animation/graphics production.

How will I be kept informed of your progress?

If we are working on a medium to large project, there is scope to keep you informed on a regular basis with screen grabs and test shots, and we welcome continuous input from you. On smaller projects, this is unnecessary as everything has been agreed in the storyboard stage.  We’ll send over a version that is close to complete and one set of amends is included in the budget.

If you’re embarking on a motion graphics project and would like to talk it through, please get in touch.