This week we’re filming with the New Forest National Park – 5 videos encouraging people to get out of their cars and explore the National Park with sustainable transport. The New Forest has put tremendous effort into linking up the rail, ferry and bus services to give visitors a convenient way to visit all the key attractions.

Our filming highlights have been our drone cam days, using the radio-controlled helicopter camera tracking the open-topped bus along the coastal road and flying through the trees following a group of cyclists. Luke Fleming on the FS700 gathered the ground based footage of electric Twizzy cars, cyclists in slow motion and interviews with the glamorous concierges.

You’ll be able to see the final videos on the New Forest National Park Authority and South West trains websites.

Our expertise with the drone cams can be employed to promote many businesses and services, to find out more call Jo Haywood on 01275 8336295 or go to Skylark Media Group.