Convincing someone to buy is one of the trickiest things to do online. People are used to being sold to and don’t want to feel like they’re being presented with the hard sell. If your business has a product or service that you need to sell, however, video can be an incredibly effective way to do just that.

Thanks to our experience in creating videos for businesses in Bristol and the South West, we have first-hand knowledge of how a ‘selling’ video can be effective. Unlike written product content, where you may want to simply list the features quickly, video requires you to be more engaging and creative. Here are some key tips that will help you sell through video.

Identify the viewers’ problem

There is no greater motivation for someone to buy something, than a problem they can’t fix. Identifying with that problem early on in the video will show the viewers that you understand them and will grab their attention. You want to start your video by entering the conversation that the viewer is probably already having in their mind. How simplistic this is will depend on what you’re selling. If for example, you’re selling an environmentally friendly product, you may want to address your audience’s environmental concerns early on. Sometimes you will have to show viewers that the problem exists in the first place, but once you’ve got them to recognise it and understand its implications, you’ll have a captive audience.

Make your offer the solution

Once you’ve shown your viewers that you understand the problem, you have to convince them that you have a solution. If you can’t, their interest will quickly wane. Quite a few businesses will become too obsessed with their product and go on about features and details without bothering to connect the dots for the viewers. You want to be explaining exactly how your product or service can help the viewer solve their problem. In general, a viewer is only going to be interested if what you have to sell is going to help them with the problem they have, so if you focus on them rather than missing out connections you may find obvious, your sales video will be stronger for it.

Introduce your USP

Unless you have a wholly original product that solves a problem no other product or service can, you’re going to have some competition. Customers are only too aware of this, so your sales video is a great way for you to introduce them to your USP (unique selling point). What exactly can your viewers get from your site that they can’t get elsewhere? You may have excellent customer service, perhaps you’re cheaper than your competitors, or you could even have valuable bonus products. Whatever it is, make sure it’s conveyed in your video and leave the viewer in no doubt that buying the product or service from you is their best option.

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Jo May 25th, 2017

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