With its architecture and atmosphere, London is one big film set. All over the city, you can find a wealth of pop-up video marketing locations which offer unique and unusual alternatives to the traditional clichéd backdrops. Here are some of our favourites.

Camden Town

Video marketers from all over the world are drawn to Camden. With its iconic craft workshops and street markets, Camden is full of photogenic quirks and characters.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane and its surrounding area have been completely transformed in recent years. Yet for video marketing, with its galleries, restaurants, markets and festivals, Brick Lane still offers a microcosm of London’s vibrant ethnic diversity and edgy artistic scene.

Southbank Centre

With its brutalist architecture, the Southbank Centre is ideal for minimalist black and white video marketing, with its focus on strong lines and stark angles. Southbank is shot through with wells and tunnels, where light and shade create very stylish and engaging geometric compositions. The Barbican, on the north side of the River, is another great example of this high contrast vibe.


Soho is another location that is full of character and really stands out from the surrounding identikit shopping areas. Despite its gentrification, Soho still retains its charm and status as an oasis of highly-charged allure in an otherwise drab and uninteresting part of London. And Soho readily transmits its remaining undercurrent of tantalising risquéness to any video that is shot there.

Regent Street

In contrast to the ‘seedier’ locations, up-market Regent Street, especially in winter, has a gorgeous light and sumptuous ambience. The long shadows cast on the pavements are mesmerising and lend themselves perfectly to the creation of dreamy silhouette-animation video effects that draw the viewer into your sales narrative.


Like Brick Lane, Shoreditch is perfect for the more edgy video. Its provocative graffiti and street art provides the perfect ‘punk’ backdrop for video marketers who want to subvert the perceived confines of the advertising media to communicate directly with the public.

These are just six of Skylark Media’s stand-out locations for stand-out videos in London. What are yours?


Image credit: Southbank in London by Janssem Cardoso licensed under Creative commons 4

Jo Jun 13th, 2017

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