To have your company ad seen on TV is amazing, but how can you be sure that you get that all important ROI that comes from your ad being viewed by your target audience? Well Sky AdSmart now enables you to send your advert right to them.  Your ad is sent to specific households where it sits on their Sky box waiting for your target customers to turn on.  This means that whilst many households are watching the same programme, different adverts are served to them, tailored to their individual profiles.

But how are households differentiated?  Well Sky Adsmart has over 1,000 target segments, from pet ownership to type of vehicle, they even know if you have a south facing garden!  Seems a little ‘Big Brother’?  We couldn’t agree more!  But actually this new targeted advertising is a huge advantage for both parties, not only are you guaranteed that your target audience is watching the ad, but as a customer you watch adverts that are relevant to you.

And how does Skylark Media come into all of this?  Well, as Sky Adsmart’s partner in the South West we take care of the first-class video production, whilst Sky ensure that your video is viewed by just the right people.

This video is a record of our event on the Tempora Barge on Welsh Back for businesses looking to harness the power of TV advertising.  If you want to find out more let us know.  We’d love to develop a brand film for your business.