With fewer people every single year investing in a TV licence and opting to get their TV from on-demand, advert-free platforms such as Netflix or NowTV, it’s no surprise that in the UK, TV advertising is on the decline. But in the wake of this, social media has become the big thing for video advertising.

Shorter adverts, exciting introductions

When watching standard TV, sitting through the adverts is a regular part of viewing; however, that’s not the case with the digital generation. With the capability to skip paid advertising featured on platforms such as YouTube, the nature of advertising has changed; there’s no time for buildup, you have to grab your audience in the first few seconds. Turning advertising on its head like this not only gives way to fresh ideas but more creative thinking. It means companies are having to tune into their audiences and provide insightful and visually appealing content that doesn’t just grab their attention off the bat but gives them a reason to keep watching – right to the end.

Influencers are in

Forget film stars and TV legends; if you’re aiming to appeal to the below-25 demographic, your best bet is to work with influencers for your official advertising. YouTube stars, famous bloggers and Instagram makeup gurus all make up the height of celebrity and endorsement for 2017 campaigns and beyond. On the plus side, many of these adverts are far cheaper and more efficient to create thanks to the simple style of YouTube commentary videos.

Honest advertising works

Forget the glossy, misleading advertising that worked for the past 50 years; a focus on raw footage, seeing exactly what a product can do through the use of tutorials and product demonstrations, is the new frontier in digital video advertising. These more honest, organic, friendly and relatable videos connect more to your potential customers emotionally, encouraging greater engagement – never a bad thing! A brand persona on videos is just as important as showing off a flashy product, too.

If you’re based in the South West and looking to turn your advertising strategy on its head and make a move to effective digital video adverts, we’re here to help. With expertise in countless digital projects and campaigns, we know what engages your audience. Contact us today to discuss what creative ideas we could develop for your video advertising.


Jo Oct 24th, 2017

About Jo Haywood

Jo is the Managing Director at Skylark Media. Before starting Skylark in 2005, Jo ran the BBC Lifestyle website and prior to that directed science documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4. To switch off she can be found on the tennis court, at yoga, or planting trees in the forest garden.