Making a video with stock footage

If you’ve got a great idea for a video and it’s not possible to organise a shoot all is not lost, you can create something stunning from stock footage. And then mix this with your own music, logo and editing style.

Libraries like istock photo, Getty images and Shutterstock not only list still images, they also have video footage. And the range is quite diverse; we are currently using stock footage to make a video to launch the Hong Kong polo club and also for time-lapse sequences of growing plants for a horticultural product.  Here’s the video we made for Asia Polo Club

The footage is available in clips that range from 5 seconds to much longer and you pay per clip you use. So it might be that you can use different sections of one clip in a variety of ways.

The great thing about using stock footage is that you can download low resolution, trial versions of the footage and put these into your edit to see how they fit. You don’t commit to buying the shots until you are happy with the final edit.

On the negative side, the selection of footage in the libraries is limited. If you want specific shots you will have to do your research and approach more specialised libraries or even specific production companies.

If you have any questions about your stock footage video, please contact us, we’d be happy to help.