Whilst this year’s Super Bowl offered up a lot of drama on the pitch, the commercials largely divided the audience. With the intense political climate in the US, viewers were eagerly awaiting the commercials to see if any of their favourite brands took a stand. We’ve taken a closer look at the ads to see exactly which ones worked well and which ones didn’t…


Coca-Cola decided to champion diversity with a campaign that has actually been recycled from 2014. Choosing to set the footage to a multilingual ‘America the Beautiful’, it, perhaps unsurprisingly, managed to completely divide the viewers. Although plenty were on hand to deride the commercial with a #BoycottCoke hashtag, many praised its message and bravery.

Michelob Ultra

This rather bizarre commercial, set to the theme tune from ‘Cheers’ features numerous shots of people working out. Whether they’re jogging, sprinting, cycling or jumping, there’s plenty of encouragement on hand in the form of back-slapping and cheering. Michelob doesn’t make an appearance until the end of the commercial and clearly wants to be seen as the beer of choice for those who like to keep healthy, which doesn’t exactly seem like a natural fit.


Budweiser can generally be relied upon to pull out all the stops when it comes to their Super Bowl campaign and they didn’t disappoint this year. With a wonderfully shot commercial, they managed to do something no other commercial did by injecting an atmospherically epic tone. Budweiser has long been seen as one of the most ‘American’ brands, but here they chose to celebrate their immigrant roots. Once again, it divided the viewers, but there’s no denying the great storytelling and sense of scale.

Alfa Romeo

You’d think that Alfa Romeo would be able to come up with something more original than an advertisement that feels like it has been pieced together from some rather cheesy stock footage. The Italian car manufacturer went all American for its Super Bowl commercial, complete with a trailer-style voiceover. The advert never really ‘takes off’, despite Alfa Romeo wanting you to believe that driving one of their cars feels like you’re flying.

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Jo Feb 27th, 2017

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