We’ve come around yet again to the world famous Super Bowl, which means a brand new round of adverts to deconstruct. This year, there was some fantastic, funny ads as well as a fair few flops. Here’s a look at what worked and what didn’t.

What worked

Tide – It’s a Tide Ad

Wait, is this an article about the Super Bowl, or is it a Tide ad? This advert from laundry detergent Tide plays with the audience’s understanding of generic adverts to bring something fresh, original and utterly hilarious. Featuring an excellent and witty performance from David Harbour, also known as Hopper from the much-loved Netflix series Stranger Things, it’s hard not to laugh as he hijacks a variety of spoof campaigns with the reveal that “It’s a Tide Ad.” After the recent spout of teens eating Tide pods, this ad managed to rinse Tide’s name clean.

Amazon – Alexa loses her voice

We don’t think we’ve ever seen so much star power in one ad, but that’s not the only element to this video from Amazon that makes it a delight to watch. After Alexa loses her voice, we see celebs filling in for her. What’s so compelling about this advert is the way the writer’s have managed to capture the creepy essence of Anthony Hopkins, the rage of Gordon Ramsey and the sass of Cardi B in just a few short and comedic seconds. Fantastic writing and excellent execution.

What didn’t

Febreze – The only man whose bleep don’t stink

This video from Febreze is all about a man whose ‘bleep’ doesn’t stink, but this ad sure does reek to high heaven. No, we’re kidding, it’s not completely awful, but it did fall flat. We don’t mind the over-reliance on toilet humour if the jokes are funny, but unfortunately, these ones weren’t. Overlong and dull, it’s just an awkward watch with a lot of dead air. Better luck next year, Febreze.

Kia Stinger, Feel something again

How much money did you spend on CGI, KIA? Because how ever much it was, it wasn’t enough to not make the young version of rock and roll icon Steven Tyler look like a man with more Botox injected into his face than in Kim Kardashian’s booty. Horrifying. A slightly sad attempt to ‘Feel Something Again’ from a former heartthrob literally hoping to turn back the clock to a time where people clammered for his attention. Not a positive marketing message by any means.

So, what made your list of the best and worst Super Bowl ads? We’d love to hear them. Tweet us or Facebook your thoughts.

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Jo Feb 9th, 2018

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