All businesses are on a constant mission to prove they are better than the competition. Be it via their marketing, advertising or simply word of mouth. Every company wants to get its name out there for the right reasons, and subsequently, attract consumers.

And that’s exactly where webinars can come in handy.

Content marketing

In business circles, content marketing is the current buzzword. Many businesses have taken this to mean they should launch a blog or start using social media a little more frequently. However, those that have taken the time to understand the benefits are actually going further and doing more.

One of the things they are doing is utilising webinars.

The value of a webinar

A webinar is, quite simply, a video in which a business expert delves deep into a topic. It is the equivalent of a university lecture or seminar but tends to be delivered by an employee. This employee is particularly adept at understanding a very particular area.

Webinars are the perfect way to showcase brand expertise, enhance trust and credibility and give consumers added value. They are a terrific means of delivering a very specific message or covering a topic that would not be easy to write about. Not only that, but webinars are far more digestible than any other form of content; you can deliver it as a slick video so that people can watch it at work or at home, or it can be downloaded as a podcast, to be enjoyed on a commute.

Standing out

Having webinars hosted by numerous people can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to showcasing your organisation as one that is full of experts. And, while it may seem difficult to come up with various topics, this can be mitigated by putting the consumer first. What challenges do they have? What are their main points? How can they do things more efficiently with your assistance? These are questions people genuinely want to know the answers to.

Visual appeal

Of course, while getting the right information across is crucial, ensuring your production looks slick is equally important. You need your webinar to look professional and stylish because that will not only entice people in, but will encourage them to share your work, and come back for future webinars, or work with you going forward.


So, if you’re considering using video to help your business thrive, get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Jo May 2nd, 2018

About Jo Haywood

Jo is the Managing Director at Skylark Media. Before starting Skylark in 2005, Jo ran the BBC Lifestyle website and prior to that directed science documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4. To switch off she can be found on the tennis court, at yoga, or planting trees in the forest garden.