Bristol provides the backdrop to a number of iconic feature films and television dramas, and it’s not hard to see why. The city is full of dramatic locations and quirky urban details that add visual value to any script. And you don’t have to be making an episode of Sherlock or Doctor Who to benefit from the city’s videogenic qualities. Bristol works just as hard for your marketing videos as it does for costume drama.

Here are some of Bristol’s best bits that you can take advantage of when shooting your marketing video.

The Docks

The City Docks provide a wonderful playground for video makers. Underfall Yard’s workshops and sluice room, with their red brick walls, whitewashed interiors and tangles of pipes and beams, are a perfect location to shoot ‘industrial chic’ style footage, which speaks of Bristol’s proud heritage in engineering, innovation and trade. Likewise, Princes Wharf offers four vintage cranes and the harbour-side railway, while Hanover Quay and Bathurst Basin are lined with moored narrowboats and Brunel’s magnificent SS Great Britain. In contrast, the vibrant waterside Promenade, with its fountains, ferries, bars and restaurants, points from Bristol’s illustrious industrial past to its bright commercial future.

Street Art – Nelson Street, St. Werburgh’s, Stokes Croft, Bedminster

Bristol street-life is synonymous with Banksy and the city’s edgy graffiti art. Street art is one of the things that draws contemporary film-makers to Bristol, and in many ways it has become a major part of the city’s ‘signature’. Bristol’s street art – located down side-streets and underpasses, across building walls and boldly displayed on bridges, with its wry humour and subversive pop-culture – can provide a cutting-edge backdrop to marketing videos.

Panoramas and streetscapes

Bristol is also home to some breathtaking panoramas. Views of the Clifton Bridge are perhaps the most famous, but the views from Cabot Tower, the Radisson Blu Hotel on Broad Quay, Trenchard Street Car Park and Trooper’s Hill are just as impressive. The city also boasts some splendid streetscapes, from sweeping Georgian terraces and quaint cobbled courtyards to the coloured houses of Ambra Vale and the futuristic Cabot Centre.

Whatever tone or backdrop your video needs, Bristol can supply it. Get in touch with us for help with bringing your videos to life in Bristol.

Image credit: Bristol by nicksarebi licensed under Creative commons 4

Jo Jun 27th, 2017

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