Touts Budgens have staff over a number of retail sites.  They needed to get a consistent training message across to all their teams so they asked us to make a customer service training video.  To make the whole process a lot more fun and to really capture the spirit of the company, we used real members of staff to act out both ‘good’ and then ‘bad’ customer service.  Needless to say the bad customer service sections were the bits that brought the most laughs.

Because the film features real members of the Touts Budgens team they are more engaging for the other staff to watch.  They like to see themselves or their friends on the big screen.  Plus when new recruits arrive the video is used for induction, so they can begin to recognise members of the existing team.

Our customer service video went down really well. We even got applause!  Thanks for making this such a fun experience.