As the amount of content filling our screens continues to increase, our attention span is getting shorter. That’s why these days, the internet is more about memes than almost anything else. Below, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite video adverts that have turned into memes so you can learn how to create delightfully meme-able video ads.

Bud light: Banquet (“Dilly Dilly”)

This ad from Bud light sparked the online meme with one simple phrase: ‘dilly dilly’. The meme, which was particularly popular amongst sports fans, took time to grow, but Bud Light’s vice president of marketing Andy Goeler highlights the importance of persistence in a marketing campaign, as in an interview with The Times, he said: “Once people see it a couple of times, they take it online and they use it socially and it grows from there.”

The take home from this campaign: a comedic, short phrase and a resilient marketing strategy can turn your ad campaign into an internet meme sensation.

Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World (“I don’t always drink beer”)

This Dos Equis beer ad, which was transformed into the ‘I don’t always drink beer’ meme, relied on clever insight from Karl Lieberman and Brandon Henderson, the men who conceptualised the idea, as they confessed in an interview with Adweek that “guys at bars aren’t afraid of being uncool, they’re afraid of being uninteresting.” Interestingly, the meme born out of the ad relies on the same satirical presentation of the male ego.

The take home from this campaign: Confessional content is great, as it helps customers to relate and laugh at themselves, which makes for the perfect meme.

Spot Lipton – Be more tea (“But that’s none of my business”)

This Lipton ad, containing some of the world’s favourite Muppets, became a meme when someone took the image of kermit casually sipping his tea whilst chaos ensued outside and added the words ‘But that’s none of my business’.

The take home from this campaign: Taking a familiar character and putting them in a new setting can be a great way to grab people’s attention, and if the Muppets want to star in your advert, say yes.

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James Feb 13th, 2018

About James Sampson

James is Creative Director at Skylark Media. He was assistant director for the likes of Casualty and Doctor Who, where he honed his knack for combining compelling storytelling with stunning visuals alongside production management. In his spare time he draws and paints, as well as storyboarding, editing and directing music videos for up-and-coming musicians.