Your customers are 5 times more likely to buy if they can view a video about your product or service.

So, here’s some thoughts on how to go about it, from creating a video strategy to the best way to get your videos in front of your target market.

Start with a video strategy – what do you want your audience to see?

  • 1. Pick one specific target market
  • 2. Have a compelling relevant and valuable offer
  • 3.. Have interesting, relevant and helpful content
    • Now you’re ready to create some great quality videos.

      Here’s some topics that you could consider for your videos:

      • FAQs
      • The common misconceptions in your market place
      • Q and A
      • Client testimonials
      • Use your market research – what have people found interesting.

      Then distribute your new videos far and wide. To do this you’ll need to optimise them to work for you, distributing your message. Focus on high traffic keywords where there’s market demand

      Use the Google adword keyword tool to find out what will work for you.

      This will make your video a contact generating machine for years to come.

      If you would like to discuss your video strategy in more detail please contact me, Jo Haywood, Skylark Media Group.