When you’re visiting a busy trade show, plastic bags full of flyers in hand, you scan upcoming stands wanting to understand what they do. A video display is one of the most effective ways for you to find out what a company does and how it may be able to help you.

Put another way, a video on YOUR trade stand is one of the most engaging, informative and entertaining ways of attracting your customers. If your product is too large or too small to display, then a video will provide all the context you need. It can also show how your product is put to use by your existing customers – there might even be a client testimonial to help with your sales message.

Staff who are manning your stand can use the video as a sales aid, pointing out features and benefits as it plays on the screen behind them.

The same video can be put to use as a marketing handout. DVDs of the video can be printed with your sales message and handed out to delegates for less than the price of a brochure.

Skylark Media Group is currently producing a trade show video for precision components manufacturer,Polamco, to appeal to their customers from the defense, aerospace and communications industries. Through the video Polamco can show off its state of the art machinery and production processes, also its high caliber staff and the quality of the company. After the trade show a version of the video will be used online as a recruitment tool.