• Video leads are better quality – you can show your target customer exactly what you do and what you stand for to create a more targeted message.
  • There’s a higher conversion rate – if your customers have spent some time with you by watching your videos, they have established a relationship with you – maybe even whilst you’ve been sleeping!
  • Geography is no obstacle.  With an online video streaming service your video can be viewed across the globe.
  • Once your customers watch your video they already know and hopefully like and trust you.  This makes conversion of a video lead so much easier.
  • It’s so much easier to explain when your audience can both see and hear what you’re saying.
  • You can introduce prospective clients to your satisfied customers through video testimonials.
  • There is much less competition.  Not many of your competitors will have gone to the trouble of making a video.  Come and talk to us and we can take all the work off your shoulders.
  • It pays for months and years to come. Your YouTube channel will be a free marketing resource that is searchable by your clients as and when they need your product.

Skylark Media’s YouTube channel.