About Events Filming

The image above is taken from one of the most prestigious events we’ve filmed; the 50th Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards. To cover all the action and emotion, we set up three cameras in the main hall of the Natural History Museum plus one on a crane above the audience to capture the winners’ walk of glory. Some of our personal highlights include filming the Duchess of Cambridge, interviewing David Attenborough and filming with each of the winning photographers.

No matter what your event is for, once you’ve done all that work it should be documented, recorded and celebrated. An event film acts to promote the topic at the heart of the event, it allows those who weren’t present to find out what went on and it also encourages more people to get involved with your company. You can showcase the prestige, buzz and excitement in a timeless tool which will promote interest, sponsorship and sales for future events.

The Skylark team have a fantastic portfolio under their belt, and are proud to deliver a top quality final film; recorded, directed and produced by a lean ground team of experts with cutting edge filming equipment.

We offer:

  • Flexible, responsive and adept ground teams
  • Interviews, testimonials and B-roll footage of the event
  • Multiple filming styles and techniques to suit your brand
  • Creative visual edits with graphics
  • The latest HD equipment
  • Content marketing strategy

If you’d like to know more about our award winning portfolio of work, contact Jo on 0117 258 0011.