About Promotional Video

A distinctive and innovative promotional video is the number one most successful method of hitting the perfect audience with your core message in an engaging, professional and memorable way. Indeed recent studies have found that video is 600% more likely to engage with an audience than print and direct mail combined.

At Skylark, we are known for our creativity and uncanny ability to put ourselves right in your customer’s shoes. We know that a polished promotional video is essential to giving your brand a progressive edge over its competitors.

Another benefit is that video is easier for measuring ROI than blog posts and other text media thanks to the ability to measure click-through rates. You can also see the number of times a video has been viewed and exactly when people are clicking away. This makes it easier to track what does and doesn’t work.

When you’re making a video, it’s important to focus on your viewers’ needs. People have become savvy to tried and tested sales messages and prefer to watch something they can enjoy that isn’t directly trying to sell to them. We can help you to focus on key elements of your brand to strike the right chord.

Video is the present and the future of content marketing.

  • A unique message that sells, specifically targeted to your key clients
  • 600% more likely to engage than print or direct mail
  • Your website is 53% more likely to feature on Google’s first page if it features video
  • Video analytics mean you can measure your ROI