About Testimonials

You’ve got a great relationship with your customers and clients because your business provides them with exactly what they need. But how do you reach out to new customers and let them know how great you are?

There’s nothing as persuasive as a raving review from a third party.

And whilst we’re working with your clients, we’re aware that we’re representing your company. With our professional attitude and skill for putting interviewees at ease, the Skylark team guarantee to bring out the most honest and engaging aspects of your customers’ experience. And with our focus on your business goals we’ll ask just the right questions to get the sound bites you’re looking for.

Through interviews, re-enactments and demonstrations we work with you to bring out all the USPs of your product. Then once you receive your final video we will advise you on the best way to maximise its effect on social media.

    We offer:

  • Professional interview technique
  • Creative guidance on locations
  • Motion graphics to highlight your USPs
  • Powerful video sales tools
  • A collaboration that strengthens your relationship with your clients
  • Emotive and persuasive storytelling techniques

To find out how testimonials will boost your business, call Jo on 0117 258 0011.