About Animation

Animation is more detailed than motion graphics and involves the creation of moving characters, illustration and 2D or 3D imagery. Animation generally has personality whilst motion graphics is often text based and designed for brand identity and conveying information.

The use of animation for an informative or communicative piece of video is an excellent way of creating something visually appealing, entertaining and fun, and will capture the audience’s attention better than a plain explainer video or an infographic.

  • The characters you use in your animation can grow and change along with your company, and can be modified to fit into new campaigns
  • The lack of physical boundaries means that an animation can depict a scene that a video camera cannot
  • The sky is the limit when it comes to your imagination – your animation could take part in the most subjective environments
  • An animation is unique to your company and brand. The characters or scenes you depict within it will be entirely yours and won’t be seen anywhere else