About Location Filming

If you’ve got someone or somewhere you want to show off, then location filming is for you.

At Skylark Media we have the latest filming kit to make the best of any indoor or outdoor location, whether it’s a test lab for turbine blades, a glass walled conference room or a cider orchard. Fast set up times and the ability to operate in low light result in minimal disruption, and all of our kit packs away quickly and efficiently to make us very mobile.

Our expert team are experienced at making the most out of any location, and identifying the best backdrops and settings in which to film. We also strive to make sure that your message is fully understood and that you are comfortable in your environment.

Benefits of Location Filming

  • Show off your work environment
  • Minimum disruption to key personnel
  • Portray a better sense of who you are and the company ethos
  • Set the mood and tone of your company video
  • Hassle free organisation – we come to you
  • Boost staff morale