A video training course is rising in popularity due to its simplistic approach to teaching stock options trading.

Video has always been a popular option online, with video snaking proving to be the way ahead. More and more we are seeing video moving into the corporate world and being used as an effective learning tool. OptionBoost is an option trading video training course for investors interested in learning how to actively trade stock options. The material is presented in an easy-to-follow format and allows the participant to pose questions to the instructor at any time during their training.

Derek Devore created the training course, he said: “The OptionBoost option trading video course was designed for the average investor, helping to bridge the gap between complex stock option strategies and the investor who is interested in learning options, yet is a bit apprehensive due to the overwhelming amount of fragmented information on option trading scattered across the internet.”

“I am excited to finally offer this course to assist the beginning investor in transitioning into another facet of investing which is normally viewed as too complex to understand and to guide them in implementing these strategies in their day-to-day trading regimen.”

Video is an effective medium is presenting complex topics and presenting them in an interesting and manageable way. Information retention is 6x greater when presented visually and orally

Around 60% of people are visual learners – they prefer to watch demonstrations and will often get a lot out of video instruction. In a business training video, the main objective is to help the viewer in understanding and retaining as much information presented as possible. This viewer could be a prospective or current employee or customer.

Video is fast becoming a popular learning technique, teamed with e-learning, it is now being used in many businesses and schools around the world. Skylark Media Group, a video production company based in Bristol, specialising in making business training video and working alongside e-learning companies.

“In our work with AXA, the NHS and Suttons Seeds, we have focused on the audience – what they knew already and the new aspects that needed to be explained. Then we implemented video as the most engaging and interactive way of introducing new topics”

Jo Haywood, Skylark Media Group.

Stock option trading has traditionally been viewed as being accessible only to the sophisticated investor or hedge fund. OptionBoost starts by teaching the investor the fundamental building blocks of option trading, and then progressively moves forward on to using these concepts in real-world examples.