Fed up of reading customer testimonials that could have been written by anyone?

Want something more authentic that actually shows your product in use?

Want to build a closer relationship with your best clients whilst improving the visibility of your website?

Well a video testimonial from your client could be the answer.

7 Reasons Why Video Testimonials Convert Customers

  1. There’s no better way to sell your business than to get a happy customer to do it for you. They can say why they chose you, what sets you apart from the competition and how great you are at on-going customer service.
  2. The key to online content is to get your audience to know, trust and like you. If they hear how popular you are with your existing customers they’re going to want a business relationship like that for themselves.
  3. Your customers get to promote what they do at the same time as doing your testimonial; it’s a powerful collaborative tool that gives you both a PR opportunity.
  4. It will increase your search engine visibility. Whenever you Google something the top options always include video and they attract the most attention.  Just make sure that your testimonial title contains your key search terms.
  5. Videos are more engaging and people prefer to watch a video than read a testimonials page.
  6. Additionally, videos are much more personal which is important when introducing your business. Also, if you are selling a product you will persuade people into purchasing it if they can see it hands on.
  7. With a video case study you can show how your product is used in a real business. For example, we’ve just done a video testimonial for CPIO, supplier of Sage CRM. In this video testimonial the IMG staff describe the many ways that the software now saves them time and improves customer service.  And all with excellent service from suppliers, CPIO.

It’s time to build trust with your online audience with a video testimonial. To find out how to go about it, get in touch.