We all know that ecommerce is an incredibly crowded and competitive marketplace. But with creative and well thought out video placed strategically throughout your site, you could start to stand out from your competitors and see that all-important conversion rate start to rise. From boosting confidence and sales to encouraging consumer interaction, we’ve laid out some key reasons why you should be giving on-site video serious consideration if you want to stay ahead of the game…

Increases conversion rate

Let’s start with conversion. In Bristol alone there are countless ecommerce businesses just looking for new and inventive ways to push their conversion rate up. If you’re one of them, then video could well be the answer. Statistics show that almost 93% of consumers believe that visual content is one of the biggest influential factors when it comes to deciding whether or not they go through with the purchase. This is where video can be extremely powerful. With almost three-quarters of consumers stating they are far more likely to buy a product that has a video accompanying it, you really can’t afford to lose out by not having it.

Adds confidence

Adding customer confidence doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create product videos. Ultimately, confidence comes from a customer believing they are making a purchase from a company they can trust, and the more they know about a company, the more likely they are to buy from them. Consider changing or supplementing that block of text on your ‘about us’ page to a simple yet creative video that goes behind the scenes of your business. Or perhaps you could include tips for customers on how to get the most out of their purchases?

Encourages engagement

We already know that video encourages improved engagement, but in order to improve your marketing efforts, you’re going to want to know where the engagement is seen. A key indicator of this can be found by studying the amount of time a visitor spends on product pages. Analysis carried out on a wide variety of ecommerce sites found that the duration or time visitors spent on a product page with video was 340% higher than the amount of time spent on a product page without a video. You have a far greater chance of selling to someone who spends an extended amount of time looking at a product than one who doesn’t, so think about the potential that could come with adding video to your customer’s on-site experience.

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Jo Apr 27th, 2017

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