Creating a video to communicate with your target audience is one of the most effective media platforms you can use. Engaging your audience with memorable imagery, music, and action. Beautifully shot video, quality editing and a professional who understands the importance of producing a video with your target customer in mind is key. But there are also similarities between some of the most watched videos which are worth considering if you’re looking to successfully market your business.

A huge trend in video advertising at the minute is nostalgia. Familiar music, characters and tag lines from previous advertising campaigns, revamped into a new ad, are rife. These adverts work because they resonate with people who are invited to fondly reminisce about times gone by, increasing their chances of really connecting with the messaging in the advert. If they loved it back then, the chances are they’ll still love it now. So what are the common elements in these adverts that you could feed into your own campaign?

Familiar Music

Consider using a track that has been a huge hit, in the past or more recently, to engage the members of your audience who connect with sound. A great example is 3’s use of Fleetwood Mac’s classic track Everywhere. A combination of THAT dancing pony and the beloved track saw downloads of the old school classic increase, such was the power of the song in the advert. They continue this winning formula with their new campaign (this time featuring a prancing giraffe) soundtracked by Salt n’ Pepper’s 90’s hit ‘Shoop’.

Familiar Faces

Snickers’ use of B.A. Baracus in their ‘get some nuts‘ and Joan Collins in ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry‘ campaigns have been highly effective in utilising popular characters to communicate a comic product message. These humorous ads, in which classic celebrities transform into ‘ordinary people’, has given rise to the popular term ‘hangry’ – highlight the power of using popular TV and film characters in your video advertising.

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Jo Aug 8th, 2017

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