Have you heard the term ‘dabs’ before in relation to video content, but not known what it meant? According to The Guardian, dabs are, “short, snappy and highly shareable videos that dominate your Facebook or Twitter feed.”  At Skylark we refer to them as ‘social media snippets’.

Think about the way that news organisations share news and how that has changed. Have you noticed a trend towards short videos focusing on a very specific topic which often have subtitles? Those videos are dabs, and the reason that they’re captioned is because videos play automatically on Facebook now, but without any sound.

The idea is to grab a consumer’s attention with what’s being said in the video and hook them into clicking to open the video in full screen or click through to the news organisation’s page.

It’s not just news outlets using dabs, though, lots of other businesses are cashing in on the trend too. Think about videos like those created by the popular ‘Tasty’ and ‘Tastemade’ creators, offering recipes in video format that you don’t need to click a link to access – they’re all captioned.

Likewise, other content creators such as Buzzfeed have started captioning videos which relate to the article they’re linking to in order to drive scrollers to their Facebook page and the main Buzzfeed site, and charities have begun using dabs in their fundraising campaigns.

So how could using dabs help you? Well, for anyone whose target audience is Facebook and Twitter users who are likely to be on their phones – and more than 50% of users only login on a mobile device – using captioned video content is a great way to reach someone who may not be somewhere that it’s appropriate to play sound on their phone.

If you’re uploading an interview about a product or service that you provide, it might be worth adding captions – even videos you’re intending to use for Facebook advertising could be captioned to reach a wider audience.

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Image credit: Generation Always Online by wuestenigel licensed under Creative commons 4

Jo Jun 6th, 2017

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