With so many new technologies from interactive video games to real life robotics becoming more prevalent than ever, it’s no wonder that everyone is wondering what’s the next step for our favourite household technology: video. From short length advertisement to sweeping and dramatic documentaries and films, video technology has been evolving steadily over time, going from revolutionary silent films to the rise of 4K video and cinema.

So when we think about the future of video, what’s out there?

Impactful narrative

Compared to the movies and advertisements of the late 90s to early noughties, a cohesive and witty story is more important than ever when it comes to video. From memorable characters and realistic portrayals in an advertisement to multi-film-spanning epics, like the current Marvel cinematic universe, stories are critical to an audience enjoying video. With viewers having more insight and savvy when it comes to the plot holes and issues with storylines, an airtight story is going to be crucial for future video production.

Sharper image

With the introduction of HD technology, it was easy to think we’d reached the peak of what video could produce; and then along came 4K video, VR and 3D filmography that provided graphics so crisp and vibrant that it seemed it couldn’t get any better. Since the age of black and white films, video has constantly been evolving to match the needs and expectations of audiences – and probably won’t stop anytime soon. Expect 4K to feel blurry in a few years time.

Increased value of video

When we think about the future of video, it’s hard not to think about what the value of your video production will be in a few years, or decades. In fact, video is more valuable than ever before and is essential for advertising any business. Whether it’s a stop-motion animation or a full-blown massive budget production, video advertising is a near constant in our lives. The future of advertising is video, and we can already see this evolution occurring, as static imagery features less and less in branding.

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Image credit: NordicFuzzCon 2015 • Dance Video Shoot by khakidoggy licensed under Creative commons 4

James Mar 28th, 2018

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James is Creative Director at Skylark Media. He was assistant director for the likes of Casualty and Doctor Who, where he honed his knack for combining compelling storytelling with stunning visuals alongside production management. In his spare time he draws and paints, as well as storyboarding, editing and directing music videos for up-and-coming musicians.