People love videos with one possible exception – when they are adverts that are only trying to sell without any respect for the viewer. And here’s a paradox: there are more adverts, and more money being spent on them, than ever before. Ad contrarian, Bob Hoffman, points out that every square inch of the planet is covered in advertising, from your coffee cup to your receipt and from your smartphone to your T-shirt. It’s everywhere.

This means there’s a great opportunity for the right sort of well-made and well-targeted ads in the biggest new advertising space in nearly a century – the web. That’s so long as you don’t irritate the viewer and instead commit to making yours a great video that offers something fresh and enlightening.

A potential customer can walk past a billboard and turn their eyes away without any effort. When video commercials play on the TV, the viewer can go and put the kettle on, although they usually sit through them because they are well-crafted and well-thought-out stories.

In fact, people can be amazingly receptive to good brands and services, but bad videos can make them so annoyed they will even boycott a product on purpose in the future. It’s intrusive and thoughtless videos that are the problem, especially those only intent on bombarding viewers with a product.

Unfortunately, some of the worst offenders are video ads on the internet. It’s not just poor-quality or hard-sell videos themselves, but how some of the cheap and nasty ones pop up without invitation, especially on autoplay. They can be difficult to block on mobile phones and arrive not only with pictures but sound as well. You can click furiously on them but they won’t disappear. Worse, you often have to sit through the entire pitch before you can finally return to what you were doing.

A well-crafted and informative video, on the other hand, a video that doesn’t shove its foot in the door but offers engaging and insightful content, can fit in superbly well on the internet. And especially on your own website, where it can showcase your company’s services, products or even your ethos and company history in a unique and cinematic way, far more effectively than any other kind of presentation.

Grabbing attention starts with a great video. If you’re based in Bristol or the South West, get in touch with us today and let us help you make a winning video – one that entertains rather than irritates your audience.