Whether you’re on the fringes of the culture or you’re a massive fan of the industry, there’s no denying that Twitch and YouTube have hit on something big with their Livestreaming format. Drawing in millions of viewers, and thousands of streamers, every day, if you’re looking to target your advertising at a millennial or younger market, then advertising via Livestream is something you should know about.

How advertising via Livestream works

Much like YouTube’s traditional video advertising, it’s all about monetisation. The first step to any advertising process is for a channel – owned by the creator of the videos – to activate this service on their stream. From there, their relevant audience can see advertisements that are relevant to them; which could be anything from other video games to consumables and merchandise.

An untapped market

While those within the industry are in the know of how effective Livestream advertising can be, many niche or individual markets are going untapped. As streaming services evolve, they’re no longer just targeting college and university-age students, or those below the age of 21; many people choose to watch their favourite streamer over dinner, with their kids or just when they get in from a hard day of work.

Creating the right advert for a Livestreaming audience

When it comes to most forms of online video advertising, less is more – so when it comes to advertising on Facebook or YouTube, seconds count; and in fact, according to one Mike Delgadoa when it comes to video on social media out attention span is less than nine seconds. Twitch and YouTube streaming, on the other hand, is the new form of television – with people watching on average a whopping 54 minutes before they tune out, ads and all. That’s longer than a TV show.

Not only does this give you multiple opportunities to share your advertising over the course of a stream – with some streamers taking a break every half hour for ads or some every hour – but you also can share longer videos without your audience losing interest. Twitch, for example, offers unskippable ads of up to 60 seconds long, which is more than enough time to get viewers hooked on your product. Now that’s a good amount of time to get across everything your audience will love about your product.

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Jo Apr 11th, 2018

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