Making a video and getting it online can feel like such a straightforward process, that it’s tempting to jump in and get started without doing any advance planning. However, we’d highly recommend that you take a little time to plan the video before you get started. Whether you’re working with a professional video company on a big project or just want to upload a quick update to your website, the planning process is vitally important. In this article, we’ll take you through a few steps that you should always follow when shooting a video.

Write a script

There’s nothing more off-putting than watching someone stumble their way through a video. Appearing on camera can be nerve-wracking and you’ll make the whole process easier for yourself if you decide what you’re going to say in advance. To appear natural on camera you still speak naturally rather than sounding like you’re reading lines. Therefore, the best way to do this is to write out a few points that you’d like to say and talk through these, ideally to an interviewer. If you do want a script the only way to get a natural performance (unless you’re an actor) is to use a teleprompter.


There’s a reason why even great actors that have been working for decades rehearse what they’re going to do – nobody gets everything right the first time. Appearing in front of the camera is, by definition, a stressful experience and by giving yourself a run through beforehand you give yourself the chance to relax into the situation. It’ll also help you to identify any parts of your script that sound awkward or unnatural – saying words out loud is a very different experience to reading them in your head.


If you’re doing a piece to camera, think about what will be going on behind you. If you’re in an office or another space with people in the background, try and avoid people wandering into shot and staring at the camera. If you’re outside, be sure to think of traffic and other distractions that could cause noise.

Hopefully, our checklist will make the process of making your next video simple and straightforward. We wish you the best of luck with your project.

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Jo Apr 18th, 2018

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