With hundreds or even thousands of TV channels to choose from every time you pick up the remote, advertising via this medium might seem like the best deal when you’re looking to target a specific demographic, with scheduling spots between everything from cooking programmes to crime drama available. But when it comes to advertising products to the younger generation, YouTube might just be the best way to get your brand across to the right people.

Ultra-targetted advertising

Whereas TV advertising can only specify a certain type of majority demographic, advertising on online platforms and websites like YouTube can provide you with a whole different world of algorithms. What’s more, you can even create multiple advertisements to hit different demographics at the same time. Not to mention, with online advertising you can get accurate and up to date stats of exactly how effective your advertising is.

Clever sponsorship

Digital video not only gives you access to YouTube’s own form of advertising – it also allows you to create clever sponsorship opportunities with influencers. From reposted content to commentary on your product, YouTube advertising has countless ways to access your audience in ways they don’t expect; and ways that are more effective than traditional advertising. YouTube advertising isn’t just about creating content you want your audience to see; it’s connecting to them.

Pay what you need

Whereas traditional TV advertising tends to come with an up-front fee and fixed cost, with YouTube advertising you pay for what you advertise – literally. By targetting specific demographics and individual clicks, you get your money’s worth for your advertising, and more than earn back the cost of the original advert. YouTube advertising doesn’t just offer a better way to advertise to younger demographics, it offers a more effective way to get your brand known by the right people.

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Jo Jan 24th, 2018

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