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Award-winning animation and motion graphics

Motion graphics, animated 2D illustrations and 3D visualisations

Animated video can be the most visually impactful way you can tell your story. You can go anywhere – up close in micro detail or even cup the planet in the palm of your hands. Where filming is restricted, animation can be a vibrant alternative for digital campaigns, product demos or TV commercials.

So what style of animation would best represent your brand?

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Our animation work

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Video campaign driving a more sustainable future

Peer to peer car sharing company, Karshare, helps car owners make money renting out their cars. We made this friendly guide to how the service works for both renters and car owners. Having agreed on the illustration style, we produced this animated explainer with multiple cut-downs for a targeted campaign across social. During a trial run, the Facebook ThruPlay rate was only 0.01p.



Communicating natural capital

Natural capital encompasses Earth's natural assets like land, forests, fisheries, minerals, and biodiversity, and is gaining government attention. Michelmores law firm commissioned us to create a mixed media animation to explain these challenges and showcase their expertise in advising professionals on natural capital.

Viva!'s This Is Fine


Award-winning animation for vegan charity

For vegan charity Viva!, connecting meat eating with its effect on the planet was a message they wanted to communicate in a video that they wanted to go viral. We took a familiar meme, 'This is fine', and working with our illustrator and animator, developed a humorous concept for a serious issue. The animation went viral on YouTube (over 322,000 views) and won Gold at The Drum Roses Creative Awards 2022.



Animated explainer series for social media campaign

Paranimo's mission is to reduce the complexity of finding mental health support. We came up with a video strategy for the Innovate UK fund winners based on a series of 2D animated explainers. Once we'd established the style and selected the animator, it was cost effective to make multiple videos targeting different users of the software.

Buymie animation

2D animation

With 2D animation you can bring to life your customers’ story, taking them on a journey from their existing pain to the resolution you bring. You can use it for product demos, in-house training or to launch a new service.

  • Full service from script to storyboard to voice over
  • A unique illustration style for your brand identity
  • Multi-platform campaigns


 3D graphics

If you’re making a hero film about your product and you want it to look truly epic, it’s time for 3D. You can demonstrate how things work in full 360, fly round objects, through walls and even glimpse inside, giving your audience the superhero experience. We specialise in 3D and isometric animation.

  • Photo-realistic 3D
  • Working from your original CAD
  • Motion tracked labels to highlight features and benefits

Give your team or your customers a succinct visual overview with animated charts, icons and vector shapes. Talk to us about how one animated explainer can lead to multiple assets and an entire video marketing campaign.

  • Tailor made graphics

  • Kinetic typography

  • Simplify complex concepts with story-telling

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Mixed media

Do more with animated explainers by making the most out of motion design treatments. Mixed media, a style often used to describe scrapbook and collage style, fuses still imagery, graphics and texture to illustrate anything from history to statistics to depicting processes.

How it works



Moodboard, storyboard, script-writing, illustration, design, music and voiceover selection



Illustration and animation



Sound design, music and voiceover record



Two rounds of amends are included in the budget followed by additional assets created for multiple channels

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" Skylark are great to work with, full of creativity and bale to provide a fast turn around on a tight budget that fully meets the need and helps to spread a message/grow income. Highly recommended.  "

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