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Video production and video marketing in Bristol

People do more with brands they believe in. That‘s why Skylark is on a mission to help sustainable and ethical brands communicate their purpose to the world through video. Our award-winning creatives specialise in animation, motion graphics, live action filming, animation, TV commercials, digital video campaigns and video marketing.

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Delivered across TV, social and display for Koala Creek campaign. Park footfall increased by 9%.


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12 ad variations delivered across 60k household in AdSmart campaign, resulting in additional footfall to stores


Less car miles

New Forest

Video campaign to promote sustainable transport resulted in a record 46k bus passengers.

If you can dream it, we can animate it. Anything is possible with animation – you can take audiences to abstract places and simplify the most complex messages.  There’s nothing off-the-shelf with our animation and motion graphics, be it hand-drawn, 2D or 3D, every film we make reflects your brand guidelines and business goals.

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TV advertising is still the best way to drive brand awareness and will also be a rich source of content for your multi-platform digital video campaign. As a recommended AdSmart provider we can also offer low-cost entry prices to TV.

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We give as much love to B2B videos as we do to B2C. For good video content you’ll need a structured approach so we always start with your business goals.

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Every video you make is a rich source of content. Our video marketing experts will work with you on a strategy for content for different platforms and how you can measure its success. So you get the most value out of your video content.

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City Sea

" Skylark came up with a bespoke strategy that helped us to improve our platforms and better utilise the video content we had. This has had a massive impact on the team and really helped us to best use our limited budgets to reach new audiences. "

Jo Morley, Marketing Manager, City To Sea

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