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Humans need stories. Your audience will connect more deeply with a video that resonates with them, speaks to their emotions and reflects their experiences. Our creative team will ensure your brand leaves a lasting impression and communicate your message in the most effective way possible for your budget.

Our video content


Condense Reality

From VR headset to the Metaverse

Condense Reality is doing big things in the Metaverse space. Through a probe lens, we took viewers on a journey from VR headset to the Metaverse, interweaving dramatic reconstructions from reality to virtual reality.


Digital Catapult

Events video for the Black Founders Showcase

Traditional showcase videos are filmed with locked-off shots. These can be unengaging to watch. Our fun events video for the Black Founders Showcase demonstrates our skills in combining fluid camera moves, motion graphics and brings to life each interviewee's personality.



Higher education promo highlighting students stories

In higher education, postgraduates have different needs and wants to their undergrad peers. For the Shout out to the brave campaign, we developed the striking concept aimed at those looking for a change in direction. For the hero, we spotlighted three student stories in a hero montage using bold motion graphic statements and hyperlapse cuts.



Renewable energy vision film

To differentiate themselves in the renewable energy space, HyNet wanted a film that could speak to a diverse audience of Government, workers, business owners and the public. Our edit translated complex messages about hydrogen with engaging animation, combining with emotive interviews from key stakeholders.

B2B Video

Vision Films

Tell the story of your brand with a vision film that connects your customers emotionally and enables you to communicate your values, foster brand loyalty and create excitement about their brand.

Good video increases sales. In just 90 seconds, you can inspire, educate and inform customers about your product or service. We can help you with your campaign, delivering video assets for every vertical.

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Case study videos

Case study videos build credibility, demonstrating real-world benefits and persuading prospects to choose your services with confidence and conviction. They’re used as a way to offer proof to prospects that your business has something valuable to offer.

man filming a group of people at a event

Employee engagement

Communicating with a hybrid workforce to build a trustworthy employee engagement can be challenging. Video can help you meet that challenge head on and stay connected with your workforce; whether you’re creating company culture content, demonstrating ESG principles or rolling out a new intranet. Our videos go beyond the job description to inspire and connect with your people.

How it works



Discovery, video marketing strategy, moodboard, storyboard, scripting, talent and location selection



Animation, studio or location filming



Editing, motion graphics, logo animation, colour grade, voiceover, sound design and music


Optimisation and distribution

Creating assets optimised for your all your marketing channels

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