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Engage customers with creative B2B video storytelling

Corporate video production in Bristol

We know how to make your B2B video engage. Your audience will respond much better to a video that speaks their language, appeals to their emotions and tells their story. Our videos will firmly establish your brand in the mind of your audience – whether they are a customer, team member or prospective employee.

Our B2B work

One Big Circle

One Big Circle

Animation for video review tool to help the transport industry

Tech start-up One Big Circle, challenged us to create a 2D animation to promote their automated intelligent video review system, AIVR, to railway operators. We stepped up with a charming hand-drawn animated explainer that shows this award winning technology, its ease of use and benefits to customers and staff.


Amalgam Modelmaking

Promotional video to highlight innovation in forensic VMD

This video for Amalgam Modelmaking resulted in a 25% increase in website dwell time. This is because it builds trust with potential clients who get to meet the team and appreciate their craftsmanship. As part of our multi-platform strategy we came up with the hashtag #wearemakers for the social media campaign.


UWE Bristol

Promoting university's new business school to attract new partners

We are regular suppliers of videos to UWE because of the quality of our cinematic productions. This video series was made to highlight the research possibilities at UWE's new business school featuring on the university website and on-screen in the university atrium. They contributed toward attracting new students and increasing collaboration with other academic establishments and the business community.

Atlantis Resources

Atlantis Resources

Inspiring environmentally conscious investors in renewable energy

Launched by Nicola Sturgeon, Atlantis Resources, a global leader in tidal energy power generation, had an investment opportunity with their new turbine. Combining drone footage, interviews and graphics, our promotional video generated multiple media mentions and helped them to achieve the 1 million Euro grant from the European Executive Agency.

CSR Videos

Sharing the impact of your CSR in video inspires people. In video, you’re able to share your vision with wider audiences, build trusted relationships with stakeholders, and attract prospective employees.

Company culture videos are a great way to visualise the workplace for new recruits. In a time when remote working is the norm, prospective employees will want to be inspired by more than the work entailed. Be it socially distanced meet-ups, volunteering opportunities or simply why you staff love their work.

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Good video increases sales. In 90 seconds, you can inspire, educate and inform customers of your product or service. This can be delivered as a single hero film or an interactive campaign across social channels.

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Video is key in communicating company-wide messages across the workplace. In a Covid-19 world, where teams may find themselves working remotely, videos ensure that messages are transparent and consistent. Whether you plan to introduce a well-being programme, launch new working practices or share success stories, we’ll guide you on the method that best suits your brief.

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How it works


Kick-off session

Workshop to determine concept and the deliverables you'll need for a successful video campaign.


Video strategy

What assets will you need for a successful video campaign?



Storyboarding, location hunting, script-writing, sourcing talent



Animation, drone filming, location filming, remote interviews



Editing, motion graphics, logo animation, colour grade, voiceover, sound design and music



Two rounds of amends are included in the budget



Creating assets optimised for your social media channels



Monitoring metrics and reviewing the success of your corporate video

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" Skylark really took the time to understand us and were happy to be flexible in the production process as our ideas evolved. We now have a video that clearly explains our proposition and we’re proud to have on our website. "

Tim Cardinal, Marketing Director, Actual Experience