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Engage customers with creative B2B video storytelling

Corporate video production agency in Bristol

We know how to make your B2B video engage. Your audience will respond much better to a video that speaks their language, appeals to their emotions and tells their story. Our videos will firmly establish your brand in the mind of your audience – whether they are a customer, team member or prospective employee.

Our B2B work

B2B Video production


Animation for SAAS

Latcham challenged us to create an animated to promote its intelligent fulfilment platform to a B2B audience. We stepped up with a sound-off abstract minimalism animation that tells the problems faced by its audience, and how Latcham can solve their problems. It's an engaging 1 minute video that works for a social-first, sound-off campaign - fast-paced and no voiceover.

Aamalgam model makers video production supplier

Amalgam Modelmaking

Promotional video to highlight product design firm

This video for Amalgam Modelmaking resulted in a 25% increase in website dwell time. This is because it builds trust with potential clients who get to meet the team and appreciate their craftsmanship. As part of our multi-platform strategy we came up with the hashtag #wearemakers for the social media campaign.

motion graphics

AEH Hydrogel

Attracting investors to fund gelponic technology start-up

Entrepreneur Beenish Siddique is on a mission to scale up AEH Hydrogel. Together with her team, they've developed a GelPonics technology which can improve the sustainability of production and by optimising inputs and crop resilience, cut operational expenditure. Using a combination of mixed media and live interview, we created an investor video which highlighted food production problems at scale and how AEH plans to solve the problem.

white man smiling at camera with hat

Progressive Energy

Launching HyNet, an innovative carbon capture storage project to fight climate change

Progressive Energy develops and delivers clean energy projects at a scale that makes a material difference to climate change. Combining drone footage, interviews and graphics, our promotional video tells the story of HyNet, and why the project will unlock a low carbon economy for the North West and North Wales. Political figures, business owners and energy workers took part in interviews for the video, which is being used to communicate the project to the public, government and SMEs.

B2B Video

CSR videos

Sharing the impact of your CSR in video inspires people. In video, you’re able to share your vision with wider audiences, build trusted relationships with stakeholders, and attract prospective employees.

Company culture videos are a great way to visualise the workplace for new recruits. In a time when remote working is the norm, prospective employees will want to be inspired by more than the work entailed. Be it socially distanced meet-ups, volunteering opportunities or simply why you staff love their work.

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Good video increases sales. In 90 seconds, you can inspire, educate and inform customers of your product or service. This can be delivered as a single hero film or an interactive campaign across social channels.

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Video is key in communicating company-wide messages across the workplace ensuring that messages are transparent and consistent. Whether you plan to introduce a well-being programme, launch new working practices or share success stories, we’ll guide you on the method that best suits your brief.

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How it works



Storyboarding, location hunting, script-writing, sourcing talent



Animation, drone filming, location filming, remote interviews



Editing, motion graphics, logo animation, colour grade, voiceover, sound design and music


Optimisation and distribution

Creating assets optimised for your social media channels

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