5 of the best brand films in 2022

Jun 21 2022

Branded film is an alternative means for brands to engage and entertain ad-weary viewers, with writing driven by storytelling, emotion and creativity.

While branded content is nothing new, it has evolved to include many forms: podcasts, webisodes, VR, documentaries, theatre and of course, film. When a consumer watches branded content, it leads to 59% better recall than regular ads. Thus viewers are 14% more likely to seek out additional content.

Unlike traditional advertising, brand films are story-driven, placing narrative and audience engagement at a higher priority than selling the brand. As a result, they can be emotive, funny, educational and compelling, with the brand logo or product often appearing at the end of the piece.

Here are some of the best examples of branded video content in 2022 so far.

Viva! – Takeaway the meat

UK vegan charity Viva! launched its first TV ad earlier this year after crowdfunding media spend to air the advert on Channel 4. Takeaway The Meat invites the viewers to consider the morality of eating meat, by connecting animals with the food we order from a takeaway. The campaign won Silver at this year’s Drum Roses Creative Awards for TV/Cinema Campaign and Bronze for Viral Film/Video.

Samsung: Love hurts

Love blossoms between a furry spider and it’s longing for the new Samsung smartphone in this charming and wholesome ad. Shot beautifully along to the classic ‘Love Hurts’, the concept highlights the similarities between spider eyes and the lens of the Samsung smartphone. The beauty of this branded film is that the Samsung lens becomes a central feature, mimicking the most beautiful spider eyes in the world. As the arachnid falls in love with the camera lens on an advert, it later finds that it’s owner has also brought the same phone. 

Apple – 911

My personal favorite: Chilling yet touching, this ad reminds us the importance of technology. 911 uses real emergencies from people in dangerous situations, with speed read graphics to convey a sense of fear and urgency. What helps is the use of each caller’s Apple Watch, a wrist device that allows wearer to make a call. We love how visuals are simplistic – with audio taking centre stage in this ad. 

Virgin Atlantic – See the world differently

Virgin Atlantic’s TV ad celebrates the beauty of individuality featuring ‘different people with different styles against the norms’. It shows multiple characters going against the norm: a child laughing instead of being scared of someone that would otherwise be seen ‘different’; a female pilot at the helm; a male flight attendant tending to passengers. Although we do not see Virgin Atlantic planes until the very end of the spot, Virgin Atlantic’s brand colors is heavily integrated into props and the background throughout.

B&Q – Flip

B&Q’s ambitious, heart-warming ad, has an interesting flip to it storyline. A woman finds out she’s pregnant. Before the big reveal to her partner the whole house flips over to demonstrate how easy it is to change things. And there it is, a brand new baby room ready for the great reveal all captured in a beautiful moment. A 24-tonne rotating set was built to create the film.

Ezo Yildiz

Ezo is a Digital Content Producer intern at Skylark Media.