8 great animated product explainers

Aug 16 2021

The pandemic has impacted the video marketing landscape in contrasting ways. While the amount of online video people watch has increased, budgets have been restricted. As marketers return to a new normal, investing in video content is prioritised more than ever. In fact, 93% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy.

But for budget-conscious marketers, proving ROI on a video investment requires more than an informative approach. Video needs to be engaging, entertaining and creative. For product explainers, video doesn’t need to be boring. The best examples are those that can bring a product or service to life.

If you are looking for some inspiration, here’s our 2021 list of the best product explainers:  

Med Mart – 3D Animation

Med Mart used this charming 3D animation style to demonstrate their app. With creative transitions, simple shot compositions and a calming colour pallet it demonstrates all the features and benefits without a dull moment and leaves you feeling like Med Mart will take care of everything.  

Med Mart

Spotify – 2D Animation, Live Action, Kinetic Typography

This is a slight change of pace from the calming style of Med Mart’s video but what can you expect from a company like Spotify. Using a mix of techniques like 2D animation, kinetic typography, mixed media, and abstract minimalism, this eccentric video explainer grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. All the visuals are synced to the music and the video manages to demonstrate all the features of Spotify as well as making you want to jump in and join the party. 


Prescribe Wellness – 2D Animation, 3D perspective

Prescribe Wellness is able to confidently explain their offering in just 30 seconds using this style of 2D animation with 3D perspective. The simple design of the animation lends itself well to demonstrating how Prescribe Wellness makes the process of going to the pharmacy simple and convenient.  

Prescribe Wellness

Apple’s Every Product Carbon Neutral – Kinetic Typography, Live Action 

In classic Apple style, this explainer video is minimalistic yet impactful. With engaging kinetic typography, simple 2D animation, and live action video Apple explain how they plan to make all of their products (even yours) carbon neutral by 2030 in little over a minute. 


Using retro, pixel art animation and an 8-bit sound mix Panorama9 send you back to early days of video games as IT-Man struggles to solve the everyday challenges of IT in the workplace until he gets the Panorama9 power up and suddenly all of his problems are solved. A creative and very entertaining explainer video that knows its target audience.  

Panorama9 – IT Man – Retro pixel art animation. Light-hearted. 8 Bit sound mix  


NEST – 2D Animation interacting with live action objects 

In this explainer video from Nest we see simple, stylish 2D animations interacting with live action objects, demonstrating how Nest products simplify using all of the smart products that are in our homes. 


PayPal – 2D Animation mixed with live action 

PayPal mixed 2D animation and live action in this explainer video. Not only is the song the man sings catchy, but he is literally singing PayPal’s offering. So, now you are going to have all the things PayPal can do stuck in your head all day. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be hard pushed to look away once the 2D animations catch your eye. The fun, silly illustrations are all over the screen acting out the lyrics and reinforcing the benefits of using PayPal. 


Slack – 2D Animation, Restricted Colour Pallet

B2B product videos don’t have to be dull. This 2D animation is a great example of how you can get the impact your product makes on people’s lives across in just 1 minute. The video from Slack utilises a bold restricted colour pallet and does a great job of making you feel overwhelmed during the hectic 1st half of the video until the solution, Slack, is introduced at the halfway mark and suddenly the world becomes calm and things seem manageable again. A great explainer video that really makes you FEEL the benefit of the product. 


Want to find out more about product explainers and what style might be right for you? Get in touch for a free video marketing consultation.  

Nyles Hollister

Video Content Producer, Skylark Media