Communicate your purpose through video 

Feb 27 2023

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When a video is made in the right way it can have a significant impact on your business, by helping clients understand your purpose. In this busy world, video is a tool to break through and capture the viewers’ attention instead of trying to convey a message through text. Insufficient communication can be a dealbreaker if you do not communicate your purpose correctly with your audience or clients.  

You may be a brand that’s pivoting its business to be more sustainable and greener, but don’t really know how to communicate it via social media or your owned media. How does video play a part in this? 

Whatever it is, the first place to start is to understand your brand and what you want to portray. What does your brand care about the most? What would you like your audience to know about you? Not all organizations know why they do what they do. It is the fundamental purpose, cause or belief that is the very reason your brand exists. It should not just be about making money. Communicating with your audience is the first step to building a brand that people trust.  

Identifying your company’s purpose  

  • Identify your purpose  
  • How does it relate to your company 
  • How do you fulfil your purpose  
  • What is your goal 
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It is also good to mention that communicating your purpose does not always have to be with your clients. You may want to internally communicate with your staff so they can gain a better understanding of the company or certain training videos. For example, an educational video about what your company stands for. Once you know your purpose and target audience, it will be easier for you to move on to the next step and share your message. 

How to communicate using video 

Why use video? How does video play a part? 

Viewers retain 95% of a video’s message as compared to 10% if reading it in text. Therefore, it is the best medium to convey such an important message. With how versatile video is you can use it on your social media and website making it possible to reach your audience on a range of platforms. It gives you the possibility to unlock your brand’s true potential. Overall video brings transparency to your work and is a perfect way to express emotions, thoughts and sounds that are just text. You can share information clearly with users and keep them engaged through visuals.   

Always Incorporate a Call to Action

It is a way for your clients to follow up with you after watching your video and gives them a sense of what to do next. If you want viewers to follow you on social media, donate a small amount, or share your hashtag, ask them to visit your website.

In each video you produce, make sure that you have a strong CTA and that the entire video is working towards it. Videos that end with a black screen create a missed opportunity for your clients to engage with you beyond the video.

The Benefits of Communicating Your Purpose through Video 

You can use visuals to illustrate concepts, use music and sound effects to create emotion, and tell stories that capture the attention of your viewers. The combination of these elements makes video a great way to engage and inform viewers. 

Video is also a great way to reach a larger audience. With social media and online platforms, you can easily share your videos with people all over the world. This will increase your visibility and reach more people who might not otherwise have access to your content. 

Once you have communicated your purpose you can queue for the call to action, but avoid making this too salesy or too passive, instead make it proactive and engaging. This could be asking your viewers to act on a particular cause that your brand believes in or just simply donating to help. 

Believe in your purpose and act for your business. If you are still unsure if video is the way through, read our Benefits of investing in your video marketing budget blog to find out more. And if you need a creative agency to help you with you video content get in touch today!

Ezo Yildiz

Ezo is a Digital Marketing Assistant at Skylark Media.