Video production 101: creating effective internal communications & HR videos

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Sep 8 2020

Internal Communications Video

Internal Communications Video

As remote working becomes the norm, today’s workers need ever more than emails and conference calls to feel part of the team. What’s missing in internal communication? Body language. The tone and formality of an email can often lead to misinterpretation, which affects morale, productivity and engagement. And in these challenging times, where 46% of people in employment worked from home during the Lockdown, establishing better internal communications is key to keeping your staff happy and supported.

Video plays a huge role in reaching out to staff and fostering improved collaboration within teams. Switching remote communication to regular video calls or hosting staff webinars and town halls are useful in establishing rapport and creating empathy. They help remote workers feel more connected with their colleagues. But when you’re time starved and need to roll out company-wide training or induction schemes, a video is the most effective medium to communicate this.

Celebrating success in an internal comms video

Millennials and Gen Z make up more than one-third of the workforce…and it’s rising. Employee happiness and the positive impact of the companies they work for are meaningful to them. Yet nearly half feel dissatisfied and disengaged in their current role. It’s in video that a business can mitigate disengagement and inspire workforces with content that celebrates wins, promotes wellbeing programmes and success stories. 

Sharing big announcements

Sometimes, a mention in an employees newsletter simply doesn’t cut it. If your company has a major announcement to make – be it announcing a new charity partner or sharing annual company performances, a video connects senior management with staff in a way that resonates better than email. Adding motion graphics or animation can simplify complexity, while keeping a video interesting and engaging.

Induction videos for new employees

For new team members, an induction or onboarding video provides new employees with the background information to get them up to speed. They may provide essential team processes,  promote company values or an introduction to health and safety rules. 

Rolling out staff training

Training videos can keep costs down. They improve retention levels by an impressive 65%, as video is more memorable than other training materials. Gone are the days of dull and boring training video content. Today’s technology enables you to roll out fun and interactive video content whatever your needs:

  • Introducing a new product or service
  • Continuous professional development
  • Improving skillsets
  • Demonstrating new systems and software

Take a look at Deloitte’s gamified recruitment experience. It’s simplifies traditional onboarding while keeping the process fun and engaging.

Internal comms video examples

When the Forestry Commission launched a new HR system, they needed to communicate the benefits to staff – as well as provide a strong call to action to drive new users to the system. Using members of the Forestry team we created different ‘on the go’ scenarios including within the office and in the woodlands in a video that prepares staff for a seamless migration to the new system.

For new recruits, the AA wanted an induction video that centred around its history and evolving values. Using archivel footage and stills, we were able to piece together an engaging induction video that welcomes new staff.

Not all internal communications require talking heads and motion graphics. In this branded content film, we created a cinematic, if harrowing, car safety video. Actions speak louder than words in this dramatic film, which translated effectively to its target audience, cutting accident rates for a global workforce.

Health and safety is a priority for the world’s largest independent bottler for beverages, Refresco. We created a ‘bee’ themed animation for a ‘Bee Safe’ video to provide simple, easy to follow instructions for staff working in a dangerous environment. 

40% of employees worry about their finances while at work. Wellbeing is high on the agenda for our client, Credit Suisse, and they wanted to assure staff during uncertain times. They tasked us with a simple video using motion graphics to illustrate their commitment to staff benefits.

Internal communications and HR video production agency

They say internal communications is the secret to business success. Keeping your staff engaged, assured and motivated is key to productivity and creativity. Our genuine interest in the success of your business leads us to capture the essence of who you are, whether it’s through using self-generated content, filming behind the scenes or working with actors. If you’d like to discuss an internal communications video requirement, please get in touch at [email protected]

Nina Postans

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