How to make videos with your webcam

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Oct 1 2020

Can I use my webcam videos to promote my business?

Of course and now more than ever. We’ve all become used to home working and embraced the webcam for keeping in touch and making new contacts. Gone are the privacy sticky notes over the lens as we’ve virtually welcomed our teams and business contacts into our home offices. 

But what to do now with your new–found presenting skills? How can you use your webcam to make a video to promote your business? Or a follow up video to a sales call? Or create an online learning resource? 

Here’s some ideas to help you get started:

It doesn’t have to be live

You can record your presentation and then use an editing tool to join together the best bits, remove any stumbles or that moment when your toddler charges in.  

Make it visual with graphics

The opening shot has to create the right impact. And if you do edit your video, don’t forget the cut–aways. You’re going to need something to hide the edits. There’s lots of software that makes this easy for you, allowing you to mix your recording with screenshots and graphics. Or you could look at webinar software and record your presentation alongside whiteboard or Powerpoint graphics. 

Set up your studio – and don’t forget lighting!

This needs to be somewhere that both looks great and has strong internet connection (ideally near your home router!). There’s lots of guides out there from the YouTube community on positioning the camera and getting the lighting right. Ideally, sit facing a window so your face is lit naturally lit, avoid back lighting with the window behind you. Here’s a couple of helpful YouTube videos: Look Great on ZoomLook Good on Video Calls  

Decorate your space

With your main set up established, it’s time to dress your background. This could be a banner with your logo, a bookcase with your awards, even a wall that’s in your company colours. Consider how your video will look when it’s on your website or Facebook page, will it fit in with your branding?  

Think about audio

People will accept poor picture quality, but they won’t stick around it they can’t hear you. It’s best to turn off your PC speakers to avoid noise and feedback and use an external microphone.  

Keep to the point

Do your audience a favour and make sure you plan carefully what you’re going to say. Then tell them at the beginning what you’re going to cover so that they are motivated to stick with you through to the end. 

Practice, practice, practice

Run through it a few times and record a few takes. Maybe try different delivery styles from widely enthusiastic to more muted to see which works for you. 

The webcam, combined with all the freely available editing software gives you all you need to create an authentic video and a powerful sales tool that’ll help you reach out to customers. If you want to discuss how to make video work for you we’d be happy to offer advice.  

Jo Haywood

Jo is Managing Director at Skylark Media. She founded the business in 2005 after carving out a career making climate change documentaries for the BBC and Discovery Channel. She is an environmental campaigner and avid tree-planter.