Video production 101: a guide to motion graphics

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Sep 8 2020

Motion Graphics Video Agency in Bristol

Motion Graphics

Combining your branding with slick motion graphics adds a level of interactivity to your website or trade stand and ensures your video really catches the eye.

Why use motion graphics?

When done right, motion graphics can inspire and guide your audience to take a call to action. Its message is direct and concise. They’re unique in that they blend the best of visual communication with motion storytelling to create a piece of content that be entertaining, informative and compelling. 

How can a motion graphics video help my brand?

Motion graphics can be used for any type of video within your marketing funnel. But one of the most commonplace platforms is on social media. Audiences are becoming more ad-weary and demand shorter, snackable social videos to consume. That’s where motion graphics really comes into play. It can highlight and emphasise facts or illustrate a point you’re trying to make quickly. Getting your message across succinctly and in a visually appealing style can boost its impressions and views. 

So what style of motion graphics works for you? The list is endless. We’ve worked on isometric animations, mixed media, cross platform animation and various typography techniques.

Motion graphics can also bring a company logo to life. Animated logos can breathe life into a brand and bring dynamism to a live action video. Take a look at Amalgam Modelmakings ‘We Are Innovators’ promotional live action video, which features an animated logo and motion graphics which we created to be sympathetic to the brand’s guidelines:

What’s the difference between motion graphics and animation?

Simply put, motion graphics are a type of animation. While animation is the parent term for the field of moving imagery, motion graphics focus on moving or animated graphic design.

Why bother with motion graphics instead of a static infographic?

Some concepts are difficult to explain using still words or images. Motion graphics act as a visual aid. They bring statistical data to life whereas infographics are static with no means to highlight specific information. 

What is motion tracking?

Motion tracking is a technique used to mask and map the motion of an object in a video, enabling an editor to create graphics or texts that follow that motion. Subsequently these graphics respond to the object’s movement, giving the illusion that both graphic and object are intertwined as opposed to overlayed. Once reserved for high-end productions, motion tracking is now commonplace amongst corporate video content. 

Commonly, motion tracking is used to label, tag and annotate. It’s also a stylistic technique that draws attention to graphics on a live action video footage. Take a look at this video we created for forensics specialists, West Technology. By embedding masking and motion tracking into the video, we were able to convey its message without the need for voiceover. 

Motion graphics examples

To introduce its products to a social audience, Field Fare wanted to create a series of bite-sized videos that highlights its products in an appealing and appetising way. With the use of motion tracking, we were able to present the ease at which the frozen products could be prepared with key benefits in wording that was integrated with the footage.

Move GB‘s mission to get the public moving needed a series of fast-paced social videos for its Do Your Thing campaign. This hero video highlights the sheer amount of activities on offer, while providing a rallying cry for its target audience to sign up and get moving, using a mix of live action overlayed with bright neon motion graphics. 

Motion graphics video production

As more videos are created online, it’s essential for your video to stand out and look professional. Our in-house motion graphics editors uses the latest software and technology to animate graphics and logos which best represents your brand in a video. If you’d like to discuss motion graphics for your video, get in touch at [email protected]

Nina Postans

Nina is Head of Marketing and Video Marketing Consultant at Skylark Media. With a background in advertising and publishing, Nina has an interest in consumer and technological trends. She has written for Marketing Week, Fashion Monitor, Advertising Week and Creative Review.